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Why Digital Onboarding?

Wealth Mangement

Gift a Seamless Experience

Give your employees / clients a hassle-free onboarding experience across platforms and at their convenience.

Wealth Mangement

Decrease Onboarding Time

Reduce 90% of onboarding time by automating processes and collecting information in intuitively designed forms once.

Wealth Mangement

Decrease Processing Errors

Reduce up to 95% of manual processing errors and process inefficiencies

Wealth Mangement

Reduce Onboarding Cost

Reduce up to 85% of onboarding cost by going completely digital.

Wealth Mangement

Store Securely

100% safe and secure mode of document management designed to support your business modules

Read how Quess Corp. Decreased its onboarding time from 7 days to less than 14 minutes.
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Special Features

Leverage Aadhaar
Leverage the Authentication and e-sign features of Aadhaar to speed up the on-boarding process.
View, Edit and Upload forms from Smart phones, tablets or laptops
Manage all your users, permissions and data from a single application!
Digitize, Send, Fill, Upload and Manage your forms and documents 24 * 7* 365

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Our Services

Wealth Mangement
Wealth Management

Onboard your clients/ customers wit customisable and easily editable forms. Leverage the Aadhaar APIs to get the authentication and eSign done.

Facilities Management
Facilities Management

Streamline Facilities Management with collaborative intuitiveness. Better perceivability to key office administration forms make on-premise work transparent to clients, vendors and employees.


Onboard your clients/ customers with customisable and easily editable forms. Leverage the Aadhaar APIs to gift your customers a hassle free experience.

Staffng / HR consultancies
Staffing / HR consultancies

Onboard your full-time and contract employees within minutes leveraging the Aadhaar APIs and seamlessly integrate with your existing upstream and downstream systems.